Our Name Badges

Why buy our reusable badges?

– We offer reusable, practical and quality badges.

– Our badges are easily customizable and are designed for you to save time and resources.

– Our badges are resistant and look excellent.

– Our designs conform to your image or logo. Choose the color, shape and size badge of your choice.


Aluminum plate or base

The logo or company name in full color is printed on it, in our exclusive workshops located in Vancouver, Canada.

Transparent insert with the name of the collaborator and their position or area

Our practical personalization system allows you to change the name, area, position or any information of the insert of your badge with a simple software. It will be like printing on any sheet of paper, on our inserts specially designed for your badges.

Protective dome

Finally, with a simple movement, the hard plastic protective dome is placed to protect the badge, giving it resistance and an extremely professional and elegant image.

Accessories to hold the badge

You choose the most comfortable accessory: Standard Pin / Magnet